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I chose a stapled notebook, as the hardcover books cost a bit more than I was willing to spend. Probably best to stick to a pencil.

To simulate rain, I sprayed the page with water. Many of our customers have returned time and time again, recognising the benefits of having all of their notes to hand in a safe and waterproof condition. Being a natural resource science student, I can certainly foresee myself needing to make notes or record data outdoors, so having a notebook that I will not have to worry about getting wet will be helpful to me.

Our product range is used by customers all over the world, a large portion are military and tactical units. Any Weather Paper are happy to advise you on the Rite in the Rain products you may need.

Why buy waterproof notebooks from AnyWeatherPaper. The back cover bears the motto, "Outdoor writing products Not great erasure, but not terrible either. All the waterproof notepads in our range have been sourced with our customer needs in mind, meaning that whichever product you are looking for, you will receive the best possible quality waterproof equipment every time.

The Hi-Tec-C virtually disappeared, the liquid ink pen turned into a puddle of blue, and the Signo and Sharpie Pen also seemed to dissolve a bit into the water.

The inside front cover has space for you to write your personal information, as well as a description of the project you are working on, if you are using the book for a particular project. Ballpoints could probably be used if you were only expecting slight or occasional rainfall.

All of the pens, except the ballpoint, took a long time to dry, with the liquid ink pen and the Uni-ball Signo being the worst. However, probably in conditions of sustained rainfall, all pens would eventually wash away.

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The logo and name of the book are boldly displayed on the front cover; while some people may not care for this, I rather like it, as I feel it adds to the character of the book. Even if the book was not going to be getting wet, the slow drying time involved would render use of any pen other than a ballpoint impractical.

The pages are numbered and the first page has space for you to create a table of contents.

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We are growing our product range on a daily basis so check back often to see our latest additions of waterproof paper products. The edge of the inside front cover has a 6-inch ruler, the back cover a metric ruler - a practical touch for people working out in the field.

Not being sure what exactly constituted an "all-weather pen", I decided to test a variety of pens in the notebook to see how they behaved.

Rite in the Rain

So I tested it out:All weather write in the rain waterproof paper Rite in The Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook, 4" x 6", Brown Cover, Universal Pattern (No.

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Our paper resists moisture and lasts a lifetime. Our pens write at any angle in any weather. Made in USA since Tacoma, WA.

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Apr 06,  · write it on your notebook A similar one: "I've got that written in / on my notebook" I guess that "in" could be accepted in this sentence since it could be taken to mean that "information" is contained "within" the notebook, although I suppose that the preferred preferred preposition for these cases is "on".

Jan 28,  · The Rite in the Rain Bound Notebook is an all-weather, hardcover outdoor journal that's lightweight with a slim profile, easy to carry for backpacking and travel, and great for journaling each trip.

Available at REI, % Satisfaction Guaranteed/5(5). Shop Rite in the Rain 3X5 All-Weather Notebook | Be The First To Review Rite in the Rain 3X5 All-Weather Notebook + Free Shipping over $ WRITE IN THE RAIN: Use a standard Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Top-Spiral Notebook, 4" x 6", Green Cover, Universal Pattern, 3 Pack.

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Write in the rain notebook
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