Vectors aphorisms and ten-second essays

Vectors Aphorisms & Ten Second Essays

Aphorisms amp; Ten— He is the author of six books of poetry and two critical studies. Those who demand consideration for their sacrifices were making investments, not sacrifices.

The one who hates you perfectly loves you. Who breaks the thread, the one who pulls, the one who holds on? They might be enough, if we could just be sure which ones they were.

I can think of no deeper pleasure a work can bring. It says that you are what you have, and I could have it. The best bathroom book ever for serious readers. Desire, make me poor again. By taking even more.

Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays," which was published in by Ausable Press, is selling well and has dovetailed nicely with his collection "How Things Are: My deepest regrets, if I am honest, are not things I wish were otherwise, but things I wish I wish were otherwise.

You who have proved how much like me you are: Joshua Beckman tells us of little experiences and thoughts he had during a summer in Manhattan.

Experience tends to immunize against experience, which is why the most experienced are not the wisest. If you want to know how they could forget you, wait till you forget them.

It is a masterpiece of practicality, beauty, and solace. Echoes of Lycophron are detected in Carm. All stones are broken stones. Patience is not very different from courage. Back then I wanted to be right about my estimate of my abilities. If this were not true, our characters would be completely determined by our infant hours of darkness, pain and helplessness, and we would all be the same.

I found it helpful for understanding myself better and becoming a happier and kinder person. What connects these books is that they express lots of realizations and, at their best, epiphanies, with tiny amounts of words.

We invent a great Loss to convince ourselves we have a beginning. Aphorisms amp; Ten-Second Essaysand is the author of six books of poetry and three 44 Aphorisms by James Richardson x27;71 — Princeton Independent At Table of Contents: Aphorisms amp; Ten-Second Essays.James Richardson October Vectors: 47 Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays 1.

The road reaches every place, the short cut only one. 2. Those who demand consideration for their sacrifices were making investments, not sacrifices. 1 No matter how fast you travel, life walks.

2 Desire's most seductive promise is not pleasure but change, not that you might possess your object but that you might become the one who belongs with it. Poetry. "James Richardson's VECTORS is a book of subversive wonders.

Stunningly precise, these brilliant aphorisms and ten-second essays show a mind assessing, reassessing, discovering, and interrogating assumptions in ways that feel diamond-sharp. Vectors has 66 ratings and 8 reviews.

Douglas said: My reading has been scattershot lately. I’ve been dipping into Kipling’s short stories, and into Chek 4/5. Vectors: Aphorisms & Ten-Second Essays [James Richardson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Vectors: Aphorisms & Ten-Second Essays

James Richardson is one of the finest poets now writing, and the best contemporary practitioner of the art of aphorism. — Publishers Weekly Not since the appearance of W. S. Merwin's translations and adaptations of aphorisms in Asian Figures/5(6).

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Vectors aphorisms and ten-second essays
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