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Essay on the 1968 Olympics

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Despite apparent racial tensionThe United States has always proclaimed to stand for the rights of all; however it does not appear that this is the case given the treatment that Smith and Carlos have been subjected to since their demonstration.

Countless other cases that were never big enough for the mainstream media have gone unreported. On the other hands, Kaepernick has won this important award issued by one of the biggest names in sports media. This has led to lost revenues and dropped sponsorships. Even more to be said about the significance of Black athletes boycotting the Olympic Games.

Protests are nothing new in sports. Kaepernick has been disruptive, and in this case, being disruptive is a good thing. There is much to be said about the fundamental aspect of a boycott. The Context of the Issue When Colin Kaepernick decided to sit out the national anthem, he did not just suddenly do it.

In September last year Tommie Smith, a student at San Jose State university in California, told reporters that black members of the American Olympic team were considering a total boycott of the games.

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Black athletes make silent protest. Those who criticize Kaepernick continue to do so with a vehemence that suggests that they are not paying attention. Some saw this as censorship, putting the interests of concerned parents in conflict with artists, resulting in artists having to compromise their music by releasing edited versions.

Within a couple of hours the actions of the two Americans were being condemned by the International Olympic Committee. The Rodney King riots in the s failed to lead to meaningful changes in law enforcement, and a long list has ensued of other instances in which police have assaulted or killed unarmed African American men.

With a readymade audience, the political activist has the ability to communicate a message in a meaningful, immediate, and powerful way.

Even the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is under investigation for collusion, revealing the sinister ways institutionalized racism works in America. No longer allowing themselves to be swayed or seduced by the promise of money, ethical players like Ali, LeBron James, and Kaepernick fight the powers that be.

Black Lives Matter protested the violence but was criticized heavily in the media. Whatever team decides to sign Kaepernick might garner the biggest new fan audience in football history.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, gold and bronze medallists in the m, stood with their heads bowed and a black-gloved hand raised as the American National Anthem played during the victory ceremony.

Ali remained an activist his entire life, one of the reasons he became world famous. A spokesperson for the organisation said it was "a deliberate and violent breach of the fundamental principles of the Olympic spirit.

Many have accused Kaepernick of hating America or hating the military, grossly misunderstanding the principles of free speech and what standing for the anthem really means.

Kennedy, the beating of protesters during the Democratic National Convention by Chicago police—put those rifts into high relief. Professor Edwards set up the Olympic Project for Human Rights OPHR and appealed to all black American athletes to boycott the games to demonstrate to the world that the civil rights movement in the US had not gone far enough.

Can be proven or supported by research. With protesters like Kaepernick, they take back their power. However, not all the effects of the Kaepernick protests have been positive. Even amateur sports like Olympic track and field garners millions of viewers from around the world.

Black Lives Matter was organized through social media in part to protest police brutality against people of color. Martin Luther King was also placed in jail and criticized for wanting civil rights to progress at a faster pace. As they left the podium at the end of the ceremony they were booed by many in the crowd.

Effects of the protest 1. He still does not play the sport he was born and trained to play. It presents a point that YOU want to prove about your topic.

Police brutality as an issue 1. Conclusions There will undoubtedly be those who are unmoved by the boycott saying that the United States can prevail and be successful in the Games without black athletes. Because of the proliferation of body camera and bystander mobile phone footage, the extent and severity of police brutality came to light.Black athletes make silent protest Two black American athletes have made history at the Mexico Olympics by staging a silent protest against racial discrimination.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, gold and bronze medallists in the m, stood with their heads bowed and a black-gloved hand raised as the American National Anthem played during. Dec 05,  · Compare the and Olympics?

Protesting National Anthem Essay

Compare (compare and contrast) the events of the Olympics (focusing on Jesse Owens) with the Olympics (focusing on Tommie Smith and John Carlos).

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This is a sample essay on the role of human rights in the Olympics. It discusses the importance of the black power salute at the event.5/5(1). John Carlos and Tommie Smith, each raising a fist on the medal stand at the Olympics, have become an icon of that decade, and that climate, and of the changes that were a-coming.


Tommie smith thesis statement
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