The importance of demographics and physical infrastructure on global and domestic market decision

For consumer-product companies like PepsiCo, for instance, this can encompass the waste-management and organic-farming practices used in the countries where raw materials are obtained.

What are local employment levels per capita, and how are they changing? To get countries to agree to the deals, China had to agree to build new infrastructure, such as roads, railways, hospitals, and schools. Ranking of countries with best infrastructure in Exclusive Premium Statistic The graph shows a ranking of countries according to the quality of their infrastructure in Singapore and Hong Kong are both examples of countries who have taken a competitive advantage from their geographic location in terms of trade facilitation.

Ethics in Action Companies based in China are entering Australia and Africa, primarily to gain access to raw materials. Thus, companies who wish to break into those markets need to not only create a good product and do what works stateside; they also need to immerse themselves in the language and culture of the international market they wish to break into.

The Importance of Global Marketing Strategy

Companies trying to penetrate a new market must be sure to have some proof that they can deliver to the new market; this proof could be evidence that they have spoken with potential customers and are connected to the market.

Besides the usual descriptive data analysis methods, there are a number of other techniques which can be used in analysing market potential. In food marketing systems many transactions and discussions take place across international boundaries. Developing, and respecting, the local business talent is also critical to global marketing.

For example, according to a Microsoft case study, Otto was the first company 1 to use telephone ordering, 2 to produce a CD-ROM version of its catalog in the s to deal with slow dial-up connectionsand 3 to build one of the largest collections of online merchandise, at http: The Marketing Mix in Global Marketing Product — Should the product stay the same in each market, or does it need to be adjusted to fit local tastes?

The s saw an increased trade as private investment in irrigation expanded, and air freight space increased, the introduction of wide bodied aircraft, and trading relationships grew with European distributors.

The need to recoup large costs of research and development in new products may force organisations to look at global markets to recoup their investment. All you need is for your product to be valuable, for it to be demanded; or you can create demand for it, and that could be part of your global marketing strategy.

Unique to the Otto Group is the combination of travel agencies, direct marketing, and Internet sites. Does intellectual property have legal protections?

Infrastructure Lessons for Economic Growth and Business Success

As such there is a positive correlation between the gross domestic product of countries and their infrastructure quality with the two sharing a cyclical relationship. In general the more "distant" the country, the better it is to locate the research in-country.

A sound infrastructure plays a vital role in encouraging a more productive and competitive national economy. To improve the cost-effectiveness of their operations To expand into new markets for new customers To follow global customers For example, US chemical firm DuPont, Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer, and Finnish mobile-phone maker Nokia are all investing in China to gain new customers.

Such packages include multidimensional or clustering techniques. Culture plays a vital part in the internationalisation process. International Market Due Diligence International market due diligence Involves analyzing foreign markets for their potential size, accessibility, cost of operations, and buyer needs and practices to aid the company in deciding whether to invest in entering that market.

Image, quality, reliability of delivery and other tangible and non tangible factors come into play. Whilst the UK dominated, Kenya began supplying to other European markets.

More often than not sheer management myopia may set in and management may fail to seize the export opportunity although products may be likely candidates. The benefits of the internet have made it possible for all companies to go global, regardless of their size or their type.

The Japanese demand for perfect products means that firms entering Japan might have to spend a lot on quality management. Increasingly, this factor is best viewed as both a direct and indirect cost for the firm. These are as follows: But even in a small country like Malaysia, there are regional differences.

In this case primary data collection may be required, involving decisions on the research design, method of data collection, sample type, and size and method of analysis. At the one end are environmentally insensitive products and at the other end, those more sensitive to economic, sociocultural, physical and other factors.

Comparative analysis, say between countries on intracompany, intercompany, national - subnational markets can be useful for estimating potential demand. One USA chemical company found that soup consumption was the only reliable index forecasting sales in Asia. A global company must carefully research the various markets, and prepare to make adjustments to its product and messaging wherever required.

Many companies have lost opportunities and alienated allies by having the attitude that as Americans, they automatically knew better than their foreign partners. Economic What are the current and forecast interest rates? Companies can easily underestimate the costs of entering new markets if they are not familiar with the new regions and the business practices common within the new regions.

The product trade cycle: Develop a national strategy and prioritize investments that make sense from a national standpoint.The Importance of Global Marketing Strategy.

Home» Business Consulting» The Importance of Global Marketing infrastructure, and communications have developed so much that it is no longer impossible or that difficult to open up to new business markets.

the easier it will be to find solutions and be successful on the global market. Wang Feng writes on China’s rapidly aging population, and its domestic and international ramifications. when assessing the implications for global peace and prosperity, have largely focused. Transportation Infrastructure In Road to Growth: The Case for Investing in America’s accounts for just percent of gross domestic product (GDP) — a reduction from peak investment levels these systems are both sprawling and complex.

Vast physical geography, continuous population growth and a $17 trillion economy drive the need. The global marketing concept views the marketplace as consisting of one primary domestic market that is complimented by several smaller regional markets.

False Of all the events and trends affecting global business today. U.S. beer market: leading domestic beer brandsbased on sales Infrastructure Worldwide - Statistics & Facts Global Infrastructure - Important statistics.

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The importance of demographics and physical infrastructure on global and domestic market decision
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