Separation of power in malaysia essay

It is well known that, prior to the crisis, the judiciary in Malaysia is highly independent and a well respected body! Part one ot the campaign was on knowing the Federal Constitution.

This also made the appointment of the Lord president, Chief Judges and judges of the federal court and the High Court under the scrutiny of the Prime Minister who in turn advices the Yang di Pertuan Agung on the said appointments.

It comes as no surprise therefore to read that the Government has stoutly maintained that preventive detention legislation should continue to exist in Malaysia.

Separation of power in Malaysia

This is clearly contrary to the Federal Constitution, where Article 72 prohibits the validity of proceedings in the assembly being questioned by the courts.

Malaysia is a country which practices a parliamentary democracy system which is based on British Westminster system.

Separation of Power in Malaysia

The Legislative body β€” As similar to the Executive, the legislative body exists both at federal and state level. The Malaysian executive branch and the judiciary would never garner credibility and earn trust from the people until and unless transformation is made. I can but urge the Malaysian Government to stop defending the indefensible.

Prior to the amendment, courts had the power to adjudicate on any matter that arose. I can but urge the Malaysian Government to stop defending the indefensible. Since independence, the governing and administration of our country has been strengthened further by means of separation of power based on our constitution.

That is what the doctrine of separation of powers promises to curb - the concentration, arbitrary use and abuse of executive power. To what extent the doctrine applies, therefore, depends on the provisions of the Constitution. The question that arose was whether his sentence was unconstitutional, because it gave to the executive branch of government the function of the judicial branch of government, namely the determining of the sentence.

These government organ not only will be checking upon the exercising of power of each other since it will be challenge if not done accordance to law however the government organ itself have to check as to whether they are acting according to the law or not to avoid being challenge later on.

Meanwhile the Judges were appointed by the Yang Dipertuan Agong who is acting upon the advice of the executive. At the federal level they are known as the cabinet and headed by the Prime Minister and in the state level they are known as state executive council Exco which is headed by Chief Minister or Menteri Besar.

Perhaps the learned current Chief Justice should focus more on correcting this decision and restoring separation of powers as a constitutional doctrine rather than rushing justice through our courts. I think the lack of public debate when Article 1 of the Federal Constitution was amended in indicates the level of awareness about the separation of powers.

Or if the government had a policy that breached fundamental liberties, the court could declare the policy ineffective and remedy the situation. Another example is in Perak, where the Speaker declared a seat vacancy in the State Legislature Assembly.

One is the judicial amendment.

Under this doctrine, the government is divided into three organ or branches which are assigns with different political and legal powers and they are to act independently of each other.

He held that the framers were influenced by the idea of the concept, but it only applied in so far as it was consistent with the constitution and its amendments. The separation of powers is an age-old concept that precedes the constitution, and is present in any system of government where power is divided between different institutions.

The specific duties of each body should be looked upon to: It is interesting to note that in the case of of PP v.

Separation of power (Malaysia)

That is what the doctrine of separation of powers promises to curb β€” the concentration, arbitrary use and abuse of executive power. This can be seen from the overlapping power of the executive and the legislative.

That was when Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was the de facto law minister, who claimed that his efforts to initiate legal reforms largely failed due to strong resistance from within Umno. If the judiciary is unable to play this role, who else can?

Under this model, the state is divided into branches, each with separate and independent powers and areas of responsibility so that no branch has more power than the other branches. International Bar Council Effort He even cited the concerns expressed by the International Bar Association on the effect of the amendment.

Prior to the amendment, courts had the power to adjudicate on any matter that arose. Therefore the judiciary whereby the system of court is under this organ plays an important role in determining as to whether action done is legal or illegal.

Only then can his colleague and fellow minister, Nazri, declare with a certain pride that a democratic country like Malaysia upholds a doctrine as sacrosanct as the separation of powers.4) Separation of Power, Malaysian Context The doctrine of separation of powers is a political doctrine under which the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government are kept distinct, to prevent.

In Malaysia, there is no absolute separation of power as to the branches of government; however it applies the system of check and balances between them.

In order to analyse the application of SOP in Malaysia, comparison between executive and legislature, legislature and judiciary and judiciary and executive branch of government shall be.

They also discuss where it has failed in Malaysia and the consequences, in an 8 Jan interview in Kuala Lumpur. TNG: How does the campaign break down the concept of separation of powers for people?

Daniel Albert: The Rakyat Guide booklet is titled Constitutional Institutions and the Separation of. Moreover, according to K. Ramanathan inhe defines the concept of federalism, which culminated in the doctrine of separation of power in Malaysia as; "A form of government which there is a central government representing other provinces.

A glance of Separation of Power in Malaysia The Doctrine of separation of power and the principle of check and balance and its application in Malaysia. Titek Sobah bt Suyub Law Department, UiTM Perak Introduction 1) This doctrine is a mechanism to prevent the abuse of powers by the governing bodies while exercising or performing their function.

To discuss further whether the separation of power is applicable in Malaysian context, it’s wise to understand first, the meaning of separation of power itself. The three main powers or bodies which forms our constitution are knows as The Executive, The Legislative and the Judiciary.

Separation of power in malaysia essay
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