Old spice social media campaign case study

They once again never broke character and engaged with their fans through personalized responses whether they were tweets, videos or posts in a timely and comedic fashion.

Her references are listed at the end of the story: Until their campaign, no one had ever seen a brand persona like the one Old Spice had created. After all, how can fans recognize your brand instantaneously if there are major differences between your channels?

Listening, engaging, consistency and originality were the four cornerstones of the success of Old Spice on social media. Be Consistent The second, and possibly the most important step that Old Spice took was maintaining brand consistency across every channel onto which they expanded.

As we noted above, people fell in love with the personality Old Spice had created on social media, and this kept them coming back to the brand on social media, and anxiously awaiting more content.

Have a look at the Old Spice Twitter account. Social Media Case Study: The same holds true for their other social media channels. On the morning of July 13,Old Spice posted a simple message to Facebook and Twitter causing the campaign to become a viral sensation: Of course, since the dawn of marketing there have been mascots and spokespeople, but never a brand personality so bold that clients and fans were eager to engage with it.

Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter! In order to choose which comments and questions to respond to, the crew built an application that scanned the Internet and looked for mentions along with the amount of influence of each fan. What did this mean for the Old Spice brand as a company?

People everywhere are quoting Mr. Campaign boasted 20 million views. Countless brands have attempted to do what Old Spice has done in the last couple of years, but few have been successful. It meant increased brand loyalty through the strategic use of social media.

So what did they do?

Old Spice Case Study

In the last few years, Old Spice has become a crowned jewel of social media. Students, Look at your campaign, now back to me, now back to your campaign, now back to me. The Lessons Be Original People are always intrigued by something they have never seen before.

But thinking outside the box is exactly what made Old Spice so successful, and that is the first step to creating a winning social media campaign.

When a second commercial aired with the same praise and hype, Old Spice decided to go the social media route, and did something brilliant: And it was the right thing to do. In addition to the campaign statistics, the bottom line was dramatically affected, as shown below5: The commercial premiered on YouTube during Superbowl weekend and has since received more than 26 million views.

As with any campaign, Old Spice knew that eventually fans would move on and grow tired of the standard promotional commercials. Old Spice is cemented as the number one brand of body wash for men. Of course, posting commercials that are meant to advertise the product is different, but as far as engaging with fans goes, Old Spice kept to entertaining and shied away from selling.

Slowly, the proliferation of the Old Spice brand on social media began to pick up steam, and, as if by divine intervention, Old Spice did not seem to slip up in any of their steps along the way, creating a set of guidelines that any marketer should adopt when attempting to create a social media personality for a brand.

What is most fascinating about their branding, you ask? Old Spice and Old Spice has transformed their image thanks to their integrated marketing approach.

Case Study: Old Spice Response Campaign

Well, perhaps it is the fact that, unlike Rome, it was built in a day. Originality is much easier said than done, of course. Brand consistency is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to developing brand loyalty.

Their campaigns consistently skyrocket and the brand has developed such a distinct personality that anyone familiar with the brand can recognize one of their campaigns almost immediately. It is not every day that you are going to wake up with an idea that no one had ever thought of before.

Well, not a day, but you get the idea. In the past month: In the last 3 months: So remember, once you have that winning edge, maintain it on every level of your marketing, particularly in social media where you will be engaging with your audience.

As the company enteredthey were suffering from decreased sales and a dying brand image. Old Spice showed that creating a personality on social media that engages with its audience Old Spice was engaging with fans that ranged anywhere from celebrities to Twitter users with less than followers can build brand loyalty faster than any other form of marketing.Social media played a huge role in the success of Old Spice in recent years.

This case study explains the social media lessons we can take away from them! The following case study for Old Spice was written by Sarah Rowe, a social media marketing student at ECU. Her references are listed at the end of the story: Students, Look at your campaign, now back to me, now back to your campaign, now back to me.

Sadly, your campaign isn’t mine, but if you. Wieden+Kennedy have released a nice video case study of their recent Old Spice social media campaign, calling it the fastest-growing and most popular.

In FebruaryWieden+Kennedy launched a new Old Spice advertising campaign, Smell Like a Man, Man'. The first commercial, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” was an overnight success and quickly became a cultural phenomenon, generating significant word-of-mouth buzz online and off-line.

Social Media case study: Old Spice 1. Social Media Campaign Case Study OLD SPICE By Kaïs Alibenali and Joséphine LIPP 2. Old Spice on Twitter 3. Old Spice on Facebook 4. Old Spice on Youtube 5.

Old Spice Website 6. Old Spice figures No. 1 all-time most-viewed sponsored channel on YouTube More than Millions views for the videos on Youtube.

Well here it is. The Old Spice Social Campaign Case Study from WK. To save the judges some time this year, I’d suggest sending the pencils, lions, grand pix’ and the like straight to the WK head office in an overnight express bag, no need for a tracking code, everyone know’s who those awards 5/5(6).

Old spice social media campaign case study
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