Nationalism vs sectionalism essay

Of course, as noted above, politicians such as Calhoun and Clay were quick to use protective tariffs to protect American businesses from foreign competition Documents D and E. In the early s, Cotton emerged as a primary cash crop in the South, surpassing both Tobacco and Indigo in value. However, Nationalism in foreign policy expanded to more than that, as well.

However, as strong as Nationalism within the Era of Good Feelings was, it would soon be shattered by growing Sectionalist feelings.

Fiction K - English - Chapters: Following the War ofNationalism abounded in the United States. The Missouri Compromise allowed Missouri to enter as a Slave State and Maine to enter as a Free State, without the balance of states being thrown off, while also marking a line between Slave and Free States.

The South, being predominantly agricultural economically, was weary of excessive taxation, and tariffs as a whole. John Quincy Adams, a supporter of the Compromise wrote that "If the Union must be dissolved, slavery is precisely the question upon which it ought to break. These proposed reforms were backed strongly by Nationalistic sentiments in American politics of this era, as politicians such as Calhoun and Clay were motivated to propose reforms such as the American System to protect American businesses and to improve the United States as a whole through internal improvements.

American expansion was a prominent source of Nationalism, as during the Era of Good Feelings, America gained much more than the west, they also gained territory to the south, such as areas formerly controlled by Spain, like Florida and East Florida.

As I mentioned above, however, Slavery was just a small part of the larger issue of Economics. Firstly, however, the Nationalistic element of this era needs not to be overlooked because of the growing Sectionalist attitudes.

Nationalism Vs Sectionalism

Both Sectionalism and Nationalism, however, effected the United States in different ways during this era, both in equally important ways. Your review has been posted. Any state below Missouri was free to practice Slavery, while those above the Missouri Compromise line were to be Free States.

Document H In conclusion, it can effectively be said that neither Nationalism or Sectionalism played a greater role during the Era of Good Feelings. InMissouri petitioned for Statehood.

The Democratic-Republican Party, strengthened by victory in the war, and because of the essential lack of Federalist support, effectively governed the nation as a single party for the entirety of the Era of Good Feelings. Both the Northern and Southern states felt divided from one another because of their own sweeping differences in their respective regions.

Nationalism played a large role in the era, of course, as it defined it, for the most part. Thomas Jefferson agreed, saying that the increased compromising and putting off of the issue would eventually lead to even more Sectionalism, and with every instance of it, would lead to deeper and deeper hatred between the Southern States and the North Document G.

Calhoun and Henry Clay, in particular, pressed for economic improvements within the nation, such as the levying of a protective tariff to ensure American Industrial strength, and internal improvements to be financed by the government Documents D and E.

Even those that felt they had not achieved much from the successes of the American Revolution, such as women, who had little political rights or voice, displayed Nationalistic attitudes.Sectionalism vs. Nationalism essays It could be said that both Sectionalism and nationalism increased during the Era of Good Feelings.

However, the Era of Good Feelings was, to a certain degree, misnamed. By the 's an "Era of Inflamed Feelings" was beginning to undermine the Era o. Sectionalism Versus Nationalism and the Era of Good Feelings - After the war ofthere was a strong sense of nationalism since the young United States had won a war against the powerful British Army.

Sectionalism Versus Nationalism and the Era of Good Feelings Essay - After the war ofthere was a strong sense of nationalism since the young United States had won a war against the powerful British Army.

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Nicole Vindollo Mrs. Segal US History I/Pd. 9 23 March The Era of Good Feeling: The Effects and Consequences of Nationalism and Sectionalism Religious Nationalism Essay. Sectionalism vs Nationalism U.S. Feelings of patriotism and a sense of pride arose after the War of Sectionalism.

Sectionalism Essay During the 's, slavery, a southern necessity both socially and economically, threatened the unity of our nation. Check out our top Free Essays on Sectionalism Vs Nationalism to help you write your own Essay.

Nationalism vs sectionalism essay
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