If i were the principal

It is fear of the rod that will set matters right. I would also ensure that parents are not called to school by teachers for any mischief done by the child. I, for one in the capacity of a student, do not possess the qualities that made principal of an institution. I get to change three things as principal.

The next morning, I WAS the principal! Put gravel on the playground. I would have a water tap installed in each class room so that the students do not run about for drinking water and live at the mercy of the waterman. I think eight months of studies is more than enough for a child.

Another change I would have is a no homework policy. This is what I would do. You at least have to read 1 book a day. I have always felt that the school uniform helps teachers and the Principal to boss over the students. The second thing would be to ensure that no teacher scolds the student. Everyone will like the new food.

At my school these would be my rules. It also symbolises their belief in the need for a society in which people are empowered and involved in making the decisions which affect them. But do your work every day.

You need to do your work good. This again would improve the working and learning atmosphere in the school. I love to be principal.

How can students be fresh and active in hot afternoon? Green Parties often consider joint leadership of this kind to embody the widely held Green beliefs in consensus decision making and gender balance.

First things first; no school on Friday. I would have the school between 7a. I would be the boss of teachers. The new system would allow the Leader and Deputy or Co-Leaders to vote on GPEx and, rather than being elected annually like the Principal Speakersthe posts would be elected every two years.

I think I would be a good principal. Canned food is not as healthy as fresh food. And 6th grade could come outside at the evening after lunch. No sloppy joes in the lunchroom. Kids that have Ds, or Fs cannot ride the go-carts.

Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

October 23, - The company filed its initial public offering and became a publicly traded corporation. Now, that does not mean that school would be only enjoyment and no studies.The Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales is the most senior political figure within the Green Party of England and billsimas.com role was introduced alongside that of Deputy Leader in Prior to this, the party's public spokespersons were Principal Speakers.

There were two Principal Speakers, one female and one male, who were. "The principal was good at pulling together all the pieces, not leaving us to feel we were working in isolation." Bonti felt the principal had managed to balance leadership with a bow to the faculty's expertise.

If I were principal, I would change some things. I would buy better buses for our students, cook better food, and make a “no homework rule”.

I would not like for the kids to have homework because when the kids get home from ball practice they are tired and it’s late. If I were the Principal, I would ban all the examinations/tests. I would tell the teachers to teach in such a way that children remember all they are taught in the class.

The teacher, in the same period, would ask questions and ensure how much the child has learnt, but no work, no learning at home. Dec 20,  · Two mean girls are picking on Nicole.

She thinks, what if she were Principal, she could teach them a lesson.

If I Were the Principal – Essay

Will she stand up for to these bullies? When students were bullied because of dirty clothes, a principal installed a free laundromat at school Kids who could not afford to wash their clothes faced intense teasing when they showed up in.

If i were the principal
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