High throughput sms querying system for

Personalized messages generated in the form of a text message or a mobile message may be viewed through an appropriate application running in a mobile computing device.

Stock message sections contain standardized messages that are the same for all recipients of the personalized message. Such a single attribute partition key would allow you to quickly read and write data for an item High throughput sms querying system for with a given user ID.

The primary key is the only required attribute for items in a table. However, the method described above does not scale very well such as when the number of customer records increases to millions or even billions.

This new service supports extremely high push throughput and gives us the ability to perform complex tag queries for apps with hundreds of millions of users across a horizontally scalable architecture.

In such cases, where a high throughput on the order of tens of thousands of messages per second is desirable, the method described above has too much latency, and the latency per message generated is highly variable, because it requires random reads of data associated with database look-ups.

For example, as will be further described below, cache server stores in system memory key-value data structures that are generated from tables of RDBS and accessed by server during execution of the personalized message campaign. What kind of query functionality does DynamoDB support? If there are any additional commands, step is executed as described above to select another look-up command.

Personalized messages may be generated in various forms including a web page, an advertisement, an e-mail communication, a text message, or a mobile message.

The invention has been described above with reference to specific embodiments and numerous specific details are set forth to provide a more thorough understanding of the invention. If you have a need for speed right now, and think your system can handle these performance levels before we add configurable speed throttling, let us know.

Pour that coffee, add sugar and stir. When table is transformed to key-value data structurethe total number of entries remains the same and the primary key is retained as the key of key-value data structure At stepPM determines if there are any additional commands to process.

One or more of the key-value data structures may also include an index field in which a look-up key that is different from the primary key is stored.

RDBS stores records that contain data that are used in generating the personalized messages. If your app hasusers, and the app triggers a push notification, your users will receive that message in less time than it takes you to complete a yawn.

Big numbers are often difficult to reason about. Urban Airship Published on 17 May More than two years ago we embarked on a journey to bring our push infrastructure to Android and tackle the world of high scalability for mobile apps.

Claims 1 What is claimed is: Returning to stepif the data source associated with the look-up command selected at step has already been transformed to a key-value data structure by the execution of step or stepthe syntax of the look-up command is analyzed to determine the look-up key associated with this look-up command and whether or not this look-up key is the key or index of the key-value data structure.

Field of the Invention Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of marketing and, in particular, to a system and method for generating messages that are part of a marketing campaign with high throughput.

Yaw manages TLS negotiation, message TTL time to live and protocol compliance across hundreds of thousands of connections all performing message delivery.

Illustrative computer-readable storage media include, but are not limited to: How do I update and query data items with DynamoDB?

This multipart key maintains a hierarchy between the first and second element values. If there are additional customer records to process, as determined at stepthe process returns to step If your app hasusers, and the app triggers a push notification, your users will receive that message in less time than it takes you to pour a cup of coffee.

Scaling Urban Airship’s Messaging Infrastructure to Light Up a Stadium in One Second

Message Routing Service codenamed Gooey ButterCake — Routing tier that uses a Sort-Merge-Join algorithm to assemble results from queries across multiple heterogeneous systems, for example application tags joined with device location information.

We deal with lots of big numbers. The method, during the publishing phase, includes the steps of parsing a message template defined during the design phase for commands to be executed to look up data from tables of a relational database, identifying for each of the commands, a corresponding table and a look-up key, and transforming each table into a key-value data structure.

US20150081453A1 - High-throughput message generation - Google Patents

For string types, the UTF representation of the string includes a size in the header that identifies the size of the string field. The process shown in FIG.

Each client computer includes conventional components of a computing device, e. As described above, during design phasethe marketer designs template for a personalized message that includes stock message sections and personalization sections Various embodiments of the invention may be implemented as a program product for use with a computer system.

How improved is the new infrastructure? The program s of the program product define functions of the embodiments including the methods described herein and can be contained on a variety of computer-readable storage media. Personalized messages generated in the form of a web page or an advertisement may be viewed through a browser application running in client computer Sms Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System.

SMS Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System of Diamond Academy INTRODUCTION Money is not a thing that you could find anywhere when you need it. It is about hard work to have money.

Parents were the ones who work hard to be able to send their children into different respective or. This new service supports extremely high push throughput and gives us the ability to perform complex tag queries for apps with hundreds of millions of users across a horizontally scalable architecture.

Segments Data Storage (codenamed Penelope) — A customized, distributed database optimized for querying spatial an Urban Airship t. High Performance Spatial Query Processing for Large scale Scientific Data Ablimit Aji Adviser: Fusheng Wang Demands High-Throughput.

High Complexity of Geometric Computation 0 • We propose and provide a high performance MapReduce based querying system for large scale spatial data. Q: What is Amazon DynamoDB? DynamoDB is a fast and flexible nonrelational database service for any scale. DynamoDB enables customers to offload the administrative burdens of operating and scaling distributed databases to AWS so that they don’t have to worry about hardware provisioning, setup and configuration, throughput capacity planning.

The Design of the Mobile SMS Data Analysis Interaction Platform. Author links open overlay panel Wang Tao.

Amazon DynamoDB FAQs

Show more The SMS platform conducts the high-throughput information exchange with SMS gateway in a synchronous manner. The operation of the database has been recorded in the logs through the system.

By the way of querying. Design and Implementation of a Short Message Service Data Channel for Mobile Systems throughput, the SMS-NIC must send messages as fast as possible - much faster than a human cell phone user SMS data channel for mobile system.

• We detail the integration of our SMS-NIC with an.

High throughput sms querying system for
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