George s patton biography essay

Patton was a child. Later he would say, "All my life, I have wanted to lead a lot of men in a desperate battle"; but he would have to wait more than two decades for his opportunity to do so.

He also joined the football team, but he injured his arm and stopped playing on several occasions. Patton with all his Medals After the surrender, Patton served as the Military Governor of Germany, and his lenient George s patton biography essay toward the former enemy, surprised everybody.

The armada was hampered by wind and weather, but despite this the three U. The Third Army crushed German resistance where ever they met it, as Patton drove his troops with fierce determination into Germany. He stopped at a rear command post to submit his report before heading to a hospital.

His Toughness on his enemies as well as his own forces earned him the nickname of "Old Blood and Guts. George Smith Patton Jr. Patton was promoted to major on January 26, These thoughts resonated with Secretary of War Dwight Davisbut the limited military budget and prevalence of already-established Infantry and Cavalry branches meant the U.

Instead he tried out for the sword team and track and field and specialized in the modern pentathlon.

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Patton continued to advanced rapidly across France to take the battle to Germany itself. StimsonPatton served as his aide at social functions on top of his regular duties as quartermaster for his troop.

Although the book includes a love poem to his future wife, Beatrice Banning Ayer, as well as verse on politics, the occult, and other subjects, the overwhelming majority of the poems are devoted to the subject of war, which Patton referred to as the "uncrowned Mistress of all time.

Walter Christiea project which was shelved due to financial considerations. He pushed them hard, and sought to reward them well for their accomplishments. Soon Patton would have an opportunity for greater exposure to the principal of mechanized combat, when in he went with Pershing to France.

Nonetheless, he was known to be admired widely by the men under his charge. Twelve days later, on 21 Decemberhe died in Heidelberg.

His great-grandmother came from an aristocratic Welsh family, descended from many Welsh lords of Glamorgan[4] which had an extensive military background. Two months after this humiliation, on 9 December, Patton sustained serious injuries in an automobile accident.

That December, Patton broke his neck in an automobile accident near Mannheim, Germany; he died in a Heidelberg hospital 12 days later. Patton wrote in a letter to his wife:Watch video · Learn how U.S. Army General George Patton earned the nickname Old Blood and Guts on He served in World War I and World War II.

George S. Patton, Jr by Crystal Knight. American General George Smith Patton is considered by many to be one of the greatest generals in the history of the world. One of the greatest military men in American history was General George S. Patton. This lesson will provide you with a few of his famous quotes.

Biography Resource Center, George S Patton) Patton would soon have another chance for in glory in Sicily, Julyhe led the U. S.

George S Patton

7th Army in the invasion of Sicily. “He soon became famous for his daring assaults, rapid marches, and use of armor” (Biography Resource Center, George Smith Patton. George S.

Patton Jr.; born November 11th in San Gabriel California was born into a family of long military service. Over the course of his life he would follow this tradition and become a driving force of the allied victory in World War II.

He was also a descendent of the revolutionary war. Nov 09,  · Educated at West Point, George S. Patton () began his military career leading cavalry troops against Mexican forces and became the first officer.

George s patton biography essay
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