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Revelation No part of the Bible and its interpretation is more controversial than the book of Revelation. In the second part of the book, Fiorenza seeks to assess whether and how much Revelation shares in the theological structure of the Fourth Gospel.

Thus, the Book of Revelation persuades the audience to turn into Christianity and to lead a virtuous life to find salvation on the Judgment Day. This book was written by John in 95 or 96 AD.

The collection of essays in this book seeks to intervene in scholarly as well as popular discourses on the apocalypse from a liberationist feminist perspective.

At first, the author warns the audience about the upcoming apocalypse, then the author describes its signs and shows the way to salvation.

In such a way, the Book of Revelation warns and frightens the audience and then gives readers hope for salvation that makes the main message of the book persuading and making the audience to turn into Christianity to find the desirable salvation.

The third and last part of the book seeks to elaborate how the author of Revelation expresses his theological perspective in the composition and visionary rhetoric of Revelation.

The author implies that the indifference of people to sacred texts and will of God may be crucial for their failure to find salvation on the Judgment Day. The first two parts of the book discuss the kind of theological-historical perspective and ecclesial situation that determines the form-content configuration of Revelation.

The author warns the audience about the apocalypse, which is inevitable and people should be aware of its coming. The author uses ethos referring to the authority of God and using imagery to make the revelation more picturesque and vivid.

The Book of Revelation conveys several stages of rhetoric persuasion of the audience. In such a way, the message of the book is very effective because at first it warns and frightens the audience and then the author shows the way to salvation referring to the example of the lamb: Readers pass through the fear of the apocalypse and get the hope for salvation throughout the book that makes the book highly persuasive.

The first section attempts to assess the theological commonality to and differences from Jewish apocalypticism.


The book is a symbol of the justice and a sacred object which only a few dare to open because they are without sins. As a result, readers are eager to follow the way indicated by the author to find salvation and to avoid the fear.

The author refers to the trumpet: First of all, the author of the book argues that people should come prepared for the apocalypse but many people remain negligent in relation to apocalypse as they are ignorant and indifferent to sacred texts: E in Asia Minor.

What is, what has been, and what is to come is the central focus of the content in Revelation.The book of Revelation is John's record of that vision (Revelation ). John was a Christian leader of Jewish origin who was in exile on the Roman prison island of Patmos. John was a Christian leader of Jewish origin who was in exile on the Roman prison island of Patmos.

The Book of Revelation essay

Get access to The Book Of Revelation Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. Only at. - The Book of Revelation, the final book of the Christian biblical canon, is perhaps one of the most complex and polyvalent biblical texts accessible to modern readers, and has been the source of many differing and divergent interpretations and readings.

The Book of Revelation Essay Words 11 Pages This essay will argue that the eschatology of the Book of Revelation forms an integral part of John’s attempt within the pages of his book to form a literary world in which the forms, figures, and forces of the earthly realm are critiqued and unmasked through the re-focalization of existence.

The book of Revelation is the last profound book in the New Testament. It conveys the significant purpose of Christianity by describing God’s plan for the world and his final judgment of the people by reinforcing the importance of faith and the concept of Christianity as a whole.

revelation essaysAll of my life as a Christian I have been truly scared to read the book of Revelation, but I must admit that I now have a new profound outlook on the book.

Revelation is a book of hope for God's people. It is also about the future and about the present as well. For it offers.

Essays on the book of revelation
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