Essay on goals after high school

Since I love science and I love helping people, this is a career that is ideal for me. I have heard of how the school seeks to reach a level of excellence in its research and teaching programs that have earned for it a place among the most prestigious academic institutions.

Here is the part I already wrote: After months of serious thinking, I decided that between becoming either a registered nurse or a pharmacist, that I would love to be a pharmacist.

For three years I volunteered at a day care center and loved every minute of it. I know that attending a religious university will definitely strengthen Essay on goals after high school character.

I hope I will have many opportunities to share my experiences and beliefs with others and also to become a more knowledgeable and accomplished person.

My Goals Following Graduation

I think everyone coming from a religious school possesses a good foundation in solid morals and principles. My Current And Future Goals I believe that pursuing studies at the XXX University would help me a lot in getting a licensure work in Pharmacy and pursuing higher goals in education in the future.

Receiving a quality education is only half of the college experience. You should incorporate that I am majoring in pharmacy, am Catholic, volunteered at XXX Hospital, and am taking college courses full time instead of finishing my senior year in high school.

I can assure you that I will proudly take advantage of any opportunity I have to participate in any way at this university. I learned that the University adheres to the premise that professional excellence today demands ever-increasing specialization. I believe in this school because it pursues and promotes world-class research, an interdisciplinary synthesis of humanistic, professional, scientific and technical knowledge.

The specialized programs in this school will carve out a career path and profession as a specialist for me. My belief in God has certainly made me a very secure and well-adjusted person. I am already quite excited in studying at this University.

I realize that along with a quality education, I will also take home new experiences. I want to contribute my talents and skills to the university. It has also helped me relate to others and value things other than money. They eventually serve as catalysts for the institutionalization of a culture of excellence in various educational settings.

This is an admissions essay for XXX University. Although I was too young to be employed there, I still wanted to include myself in any way I could. I have seen the different subjects and I realize that the program provides a solid grounding in the philosophy of education, people development, the dynamics of teaching, research and management.

The atmosphere of freedom is evident because it promotes the integral development of all members of the school community so that one senses that they work with good will, competence and team spirit.

I have always been active in the community. It will also give me the opportunity to apply and test my learning through various educative experiences.

I have begun preparing myself for this. I think that the undergraduate studies I got gives me a well-rounded education that cultivates genuine intellectual discipline, which is a pre-requisite to acquiring higher specialized knowledge.

I try to develop my own philosophy of education because I really would want to go into effectively teaching the principles and applications of Pharmacy.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

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Sample Admissions Essay on Present And Future Goals

Registered nurse’s jobs duties also include developing day-to-day nursing care plan for both in the hospital and for care. “Employees in these occupations unusually. My goals for the future are to graduate from high school, get accepted to the University of Central Florida, graduate from the University of Florida, and posses a career job that goes along with my major.

3/5(20). My Goals in Life after High School. By: Timothy “Tim” Brown And My Plans to Obtain Them. My Goals in Life After High School are to remain simple.

Nov 29,  · Free Essays on My Goals For School.

After I graduated high school, I concluded that I had desire for education. Career Goals Essay When I was younger I wanted to be a football player and nothing else. Since my mom signed me up at the age of 6 I just couldn’t get enough. I wouldn’t miss a day of practice and come.

- Goals in Life- Personal Narrative High school is a very important time in a persons life. This is the time to set goals. We not only set goals, but set out to find solutions.

Essay on goals after high school
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