Current english language teaching situation in india

Because this format demands response in the form in which tests are generally prepared and presented, we tend to treat the exercise as a test.

The listener expects and anticipates what may be the form and content of the immediate message being delivered. Difficulties faced by foreign teachers regarding language, culture, or simply limited time can make it difficult to demand pay and conditions that their contracts stipulate.

In due course they should be able to listen and remember relatively lengthy sentences and phrases. In reality, the listening skill is fundamental to the entire process of mastering and using a language, whether first or second or foreign.

The number of adjectives in a noun phrase often is limited and these often follow a certain order. Some of the following exercises may be used: Ask the student to listen to a short passage an excerpt of a lecture and then ask students to answer a few questions.

What is the generally followed form of listening comprehension exercises? You can ask the student to close the door, but ,while he goes to the door, he may pick up the pencil on the floor.

Very few foreign instructors work in Scandinaviawhere stricter immigration laws and a policy of relying on bilingual local teachers apply. In this method English language class seemed to be L1 class rather than L2 class. There are two types: Where there is no opportunity for them to come across native English speakers, they will need to listen and comprehend the native English used in the movies and TV programs.

If provided with the latest language teaching tools and with the support of technology, one can teach the language effectively and motivate the students towards language learning. Public schools usually pay during vacations, but not for summer break unless the teacher renews the contract, [25] while many private schools have shortened vacation schedules and may pay for whatever short number of days is allowed for vacation.

Teaching English as a second or foreign language

The communicative urgency and the need to listen carefully and remember what has been listened to should come from the lesson itself. The student is required not only to comprehend native English spoken to him, but also to comprehend it with a speed that somewhat matches the speed of comprehension in a natural language situation in English.

As a consequence, listening proficiency in English is to be cultivated with great care. I had great difficulty distinguishing between p and b in English words, when I began to learn English in my elementary school.

Often we tend to use certain sentence patterns more frequently than others. Conclusion To meet the present day challenges in teaching English, first of all, English should not be treated as a subject as it is to be used actively in interacting with one another throughout the world.

Give one or two guiding questions before students begin to listen to the passage. Most teachers follow the bilingual method to teach the students in Indian schools, where the teacher first of all explains the entire English sentence in L1 and then asks the students to perform activities in English.

The Balkan former Yugoslav countries have seen recent growth in TEFL—private schools have recruited Anglophone teachers there for several years. Language Games In addition to the above mentioned methods teachers also use various language games to teach English language apart from the conventional ways of language teaching, which helps in developing vocabulary from the language that is being learned.

The Japanese free variation between l and r is quite well known. The teacher distributes visual aids to students by dividing them into various groups.


Or, instructions may be given to the student to draw a picture and this will involve learning the dimensions, parts of the object being drawn, etc. June Europe[ edit ] Major European cities have established language schools on-site or operated as agencies sending teachers to various locations.

The students are then given stipulated time to extract relevant information on the given aids. Teachers tend to focus on the rudimentary elements of listening briefly, and pass over to other aspects of language teaching.

Focus upon the major and significant items, because we, as users of language, tend to ignore what we consider insignificant and less interesting, and focus upon what is significant and interesting.

This institution was a comprehensive higher education facility which included TEFL in the curriculum. Often a simple progression is suggested: Nevertheless, the cassette can be stopped and played back several times.THE STATUS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN INDIA Introduction English in India Pre-Independence Period The Post-Independence Period Objectives of English Language Teaching in Maharashtra Teaching/Learning Approaches in the Course book Yuvakbharati.

Conclusion References.

Learn about English in India. Asian English English in the Indian Subcontinent. Just as in the Caribbean, the English Language arrived in South Asia as a result of colonisation. A Study of Current Status Quo of English as a Second Language in India Study Done on West Bengal Schools Teaching English', India, New Delhi: Commonwealth Publishers, " English as a foreign language refers to a situation where it is taught for certain specific purposes viz reading scientific.

Nov 06,  · Why English has become the language of the elite There is an enormous range of nuanced reasons as to why English has become the language of the elite and of governance in India, even putting aside the original Macaulyism. The situation is no better even at the college level as Robert Bellarmine observes, “The most serious problem in the teaching of English in our country is the appallingly small quantity and atrociously poor quality of English to which our learners are exposed.” (Ref 1).

Even though various efforts have been taken by the Iranian educationalists for improving the situation of English language teaching for the past few decades in Iran, a disappointing situation still exists in the achievements of English learning among the Iranian students.

Current english language teaching situation in india
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