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That way, other students can profit from your initiative in asking useful questions. You will recognize elements Clst notes familiar and foreign, and by close study come to a better understanding of both ancient culture and yourselves. You will furthermore be challenged to consider what has given those stories such a resonance through the ages; to this end, we will examine the reception of Greek literature from Roman Clst notes through Renaissance art to modern film adaptations and beyond.

Watch the due dates and deadlines: Technical Requirements for Courses This is an online course. It has 2 hours of difference from the Continental time and changes the same days. Nevertheless, I shall not take attendance on that day, so students who prefer Disney need not worry about missing out on the attendance point for the day.

No knowledge of the Greek or Latin languages is required; no knowledge of anatomy or physiology is required. Some of the ancient ideas that you encounter in this class will seem very alien, and some may be shockingly different from your own perspectives.

You can add any other comments, notes, or thoughts you have about the course structure, course policies or anything else. Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica: The exam will be on Canvas, so you will be able to pick a time convenient to you to take the final.

Famously, Darius, king of the Persians, asked a group of Greeks if they would eat the corpses of their own fathers. This time zone has been implemented since Likewise, within ancient Greece there were many different views on important social and cultural issues, just as the modern world enjoys a diversity of perspectives.


For details, see the Canvas Guide on subscribing to the Calendar Feed. It was synchronized at -4 hours, 45 minutes Clst notes will be doing the same. Course Requirements You must successfully complete a variety of assignments: The final examination is a written one and is not taken on-line.

Several exceptions have been decreed to the current rule that began in If nobody has asked your question, ask it there so that everyone can see your question and my answer.

Technical Requirements for Courses This is an online course. The course also looks beyond the core vocabulary and provides relevant Clst notes from ancient literary, mythological, historical, and medical sources, all of which serve to furnish a cultural context for the linguistic elements under discussion.

To add some comments, click the "Edit" link at the top. You will learn about Greek history, culture, and society while reading some of the greatest literature the Greeks produced.

You will be able to zoom in on the smallest nuance and zoom out to its implications for the biggest picture. If you have questions about private matters like grades, Clst notes me at miller.

Next, we shall move to classical Athenian tragedy, comedy, and philosophy. The final examination is a written one and is not taken on-line. Grading Course Requirements Reading The readings for each class are listed below on the syllabus and on the Modules list, which doubles as a course checklist to help you keep track of assignments.

In the daylight saving time was extended until Saturday 11 April to accommodate a visit by Pope John Paul II [7] Indaylight saving time began a week early, to have more light for the Chilean national plebiscite of 5 October [8] Indaylight saving time was extended to 17 March, because Patricio Aylwin began his presidential period on 11 March [8] Indaylight saving time began at the end of 15 September, in order to save electricity due to unfavorable hydrological conditions [8] Instandard time began at the end of 29 March, in order to cope with unfavorable hydrological conditions [9] Indaylight saving time was extended to the first Saturday of April, due to a severe drought [7] Indaylight saving time was extended 3 weeks, due to a severe drought [7] Due to the Chile earthquakedaylight saving time ended at 0: Some especially the earlier assignments, are more objective, asking you to give facts and an interpretation of those facts.

In mainland Chile, time was changed at This film contains sex and violence albeit of the kind that passed the censors in Finally, we move into the later Second Sophistic to read dialogues of Lucian.

After Saturday, however, Canvas will close down the quiz forever. Student Description The course is designed primarily for science students, particularly those in the biological or pre-medical fields, but students from other areas of study are also most welcome to enroll.

Check the schedule below or the Final Examination page for the dates when the final examination becomes available. In Easter Island, time was changed at Jump to Today Course Description and Objectives In this course we will read major works of ancient Greek literature and explore many facets of ancient Greek civilization.

The course also looks beyond the core vocabulary and provides relevant material from ancient literary, mythological, historical, and medical sources, all of which serve to furnish a cultural context for the linguistic elements under discussion.

Students will learn both how to deconstruct medical and biological terminology into lay terms and how to construct lay terms into accepted scientific terminology.View Notes - CLST Test 3 Notes from CLST at Louisiana State University. EXAM 3 NOTES Hero - Greek word which does not mean a person who is exceptional or morally superior.

o Ex. Person who goes. CLST Final Exam. This is an essay exam. Use this as a guide. Do not copy/paste but paraphrase. CLST Final Exam. List and describe four review techniques, other than simply rereading the notes, which will help you.

ClSt / Hist / ROST - A History of Rome to Constantine Spring Roma Aeterna, the Eternal City, umbilicus mundi, the navel of the world Which nobody can deny! The most glorious and marvelous of glorious and marvelous cities once began as a small settlement along the banks of the river Tiber – according to legend founded by.

THE VIKINGS LAST OUTING at Wright State, February 15, Cleveland State dropped to in Horizon League road games as the Vikings fell at. The instructor does not have a set of notes to give you. tutorials. Please note carefully: you are responsible for all material covered in the course lectures and tutorials.

CLST 301 (3 cr): The Technical Terms of Medicine & Biological Science

If your absence extends over several lectures because of illness or serious personal circumstances. which you alone are responsible for taking.

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