Characteristics of business leadership essay

In a group, the leader and his followers play the roles expected of them and thereby seek to justify their respective positions. In this case, one has to outline the policies and practices of the organization. In some cases, opportunities available in the organization should be evenly distributed to prevent conflicts and disagreements in the organization.

For that reason, it is possible to steer the organization mission to great heights leading to improved performance. This implies that a manager should enhance equity consistently, which promotes the relationship in the group.

The Practice of Management. Although it is not possible to perform always as expected, it is essential for the manager also to take control over the failures or weakness of the team Lencioni In the process of service delivery, a good manager should also give recognition to the involved employees for their services.

At the same time, it limits the creation of hierarchies in an organization, which demoralizes employees due to failure to appreciate their contribution. Doe 3 When leading, a good manager should develop good rapport with fellow colleagues in order to motivate them in the right direction.

This ensures that a significant degree of respects and trust is build between members.

Following this scenario, employees would be motivated to undertake the various responsibilities allocated to them. Simon and Schuster, In short, effective leadership directs the activities of an organisation towards the attainment of the specified organisational goals.

For most activities done in an organization, a good manger has to elaborate the performance expectations to all employees in order to stimulate their contribution level.

Skillful use of these power bases by a leader is likely to bring success to him; and success in some cases adds to the power of the leader. Through commitment and determination in the organization objectives, a manager inspires the rest of the staff to contribute willingly and to the best of their potentials.

A progressive, forward and democratic minded leader, always encourages initiative on the part of the followers.

Essay on Leadership: Meaning, Nature and Importance of Leadership

In this regard, some qualities that depict an effective leader are integrity, dedication, humility, openness, creativity, fairness and assertiveness Koontz and Cyril In the issuance of responsibilities and opportunities within a group or an organization, a good manager should exercise fairness.

In addition, managers should not take advantage of their positions to exploit their followers. An analysis of the problems and concerns of employees is also critical to ensure the effectiveness. Resources are organized and planned to ensure their optimization under good management Covey This implies that the responsibilities of the leader should go in line with the expectations of the followers.Sep 05,  · Whether you’re a freelancer, small-business owner, or full-timer, to climb the ladder, you must know how to lead the pack.

Are you destined to be the big boss or be bossed around? To find out. Business Leadership Essay; Business Leadership Essay.

Words 7 Pages. In corporate America the term used to describe a person in a position of power is “Manager”. A leader can be a manager, but a manager is not necessarily a leader.

Effective Leadership Essay Sample

Leaders motivate, challenge, and influence others to achieve goals. Characteristics of Business. Leadership is the composite of abilities and characteristics of an individual leader of the environment in which he operates and of the relationship developed between the leader and the led. It is very important to have good leadership for a business to succeed as employees will only follow a good leader and respond positively towards their.

Today's business world is as complex as ever. And it's always changing. Ray Carvey, executive vice president of corporate learning at Harvard Business Publishing, a subsidiary of the Harvard.

LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD LEADER. 1. Authenticity “After years of studying leaders and their traits, I believe that leadership begins and ends with authenticity.” The business can’t afford mistakes. The manager feels threatened by this type of leadership.

Business Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Business. Characteristics of Business Leadership Good leadership is important in any organization.

A successful leader is one that is effective in his decision-making in regards to the vision, the strategy and motivation of others, which is necessary in leading.

Characteristics of business leadership essay
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