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SBA always provides a live person familiar with the account, instead of a voicemail, that helps track freight, schedule appointments and follows-up, if necessary. SBA has just been awarded an additional area of client business, where SBA will be handling very high profile in-store showcases for a national retailer.

The program had the following goals: In fact, the client recently honored SBA by naming us as the best freight services provider they have ever had!

The results as of June As of August Term: In addition, our client had a great desire to cut previous transit times and increase shipping communications between all parties involved.

Due to the high success level of work we have done for this client, SBA has been referred to three additional major clients that are customers of our client.

Internet Marketing Case Study – Maibach’s Home Furnishings

Ultimately we needed them to show up for general searches related to furniture in the Northeast Ohio area and we planned to do this through ongoing content marketingamong several other services.

Traffic to the website was minimal at best and the traffic that they were getting was a result of people searching for their name or simply coming to the site directly. As you can see, the majority of the traffic coming to the site was direct which means they simply typed in maibachs.

To increase organic search traffic from the search engines. Why we were hired: To improve shipping communications, SBA created a 2 step process: To ensure premium white glove service levels, SBA teamed up with specialized service partners.

We have successfully implemented similar programs for their shipments, which include chairs and other products. With a wide range of customers including professional athletes, chiropractors, back pain sufferers and everyday consumers, our client provides many different order channels.

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Traffic from search engines was low and mostly a result of people searching for the name Maibachs. Ideally traffic would come from terms that are general in nature, relevant to Northeast Ohio and do not contain the name Maibachs. Direct traffic to the website is down relevant to the organic search engine traffic.

We have already received numerous shipments from all three of these new referral customers. The results below show the traffic and traffic sources for maibachs. To relieve stress and shorten transit times, SBA shipped directly to the destination instead of consolidating freight and having it sit in the dock for days, as the incumbent had done.

See traffic comparison below As you can see, the results have been great. There was virtually no organic traffic from the search engines. An additional element to the campaign would be to stay top-of-mind with their existing customer base using and growing their email marketing list through sign-ups on the website.

Customers can order from: They now receive billing information that encompasses all of their shipping programs from a unified single source. This allows for immediate company-wide awareness of the SBA tracking numbers, enabling people within all of their departments to access tracking information.

Email marketing is the perfect avenue.Free Case Study Solution & Analysis | Summary There are several external and internal factors that contributed to the changes in overall financial health for Wolcott Department Stores and Designers, Inc, two credit risks to Premier Furniture.

It’s always inspiring to see how others address the same issues you face on a daily basis: integrating furniture with architecture, addressing space issues, incorporating flexibility and mobility. We’ve collected a library of case studies for you to reference.

case study About City Furniture City Furniture, a family-owned company founded by Kevin Koenig ingot its humble beginnings in a garage where Kevin and his brother Keith constructed wood bed frames and built up the business.

The company launched as Waterbed City with a modest. a well-known furniture design company implemented a new communications system to facilitate collaboration CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS With over 25 stores spread across France, a prominent French furniture company needed a way to Furniture Manufacturer Case Study Subject.

Case Analysis: Teuer Furniture Case Solution, Case Analysis: Teuer Furniture Case Solution Finally, the cash flows from assets were 12, in which further became negative due to the high increase.

IntroductionThe Quality Furniture Company was a high-quality home furniture manufacturer. Its headquarters was in Scranton and distribution depends on the department stores, independent home furnishing /5(2).

Case study quanlity funiture company
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