Boy meets girl telugu movie rating

Priya is now pregnant and Vichu is now a child dad. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Despite occasionally feeling overcrowded and overstretched, the screenplay creates some lovely minor portraits.

Boy Meets Girl Tholiprema Katha

The only person other than a scientist who knows the truth is his child classmate friend. The film takes its time minutes to arrive at a logical conclusion. This hurts Pappu and he runs away from home to end his life near a river. Writer Bhupal said that we should have a drunken character.

No image-conscious actor would do this. Srinivas loved it and convinced the producer by talking to him. Innocent child Pappu helps to remove dust from her eyes, smiles at her and leaves the place.

After the 3rd schedule of the film, a friend and a co-director Srinivas came to the sets. Kireeti Tried to take revenge over Kaushal in the captaincy task which later leads to the war between them.

Except Few Flaws, everything is good. But Arjun lives life more dangerously. I have also used John Abraham character to ask the questions to Nani on the behalf of audiences.

Vichu overcomes the difficulties and admits her in the hospital. Nani gets into the skin of the character and gives his best to the make the lousy writing tolerable. Sep 27, On the other hand, it looks like Nagarjuna has had a blast playing a big brother to Nani, and it shows on screen. Vichu is diverted to the daughter of the owner who is none other than the girl named Priya who helped Pappu once on the road and whom she was helped by him at the park.

The man introduces himself as a scientist who has his own laboratory. An ace medical student loses track after failing in love and has to find a way out. Prakash Raj loved the character but said that he is playing a similar character in Orange movie. The rest of the movie follows how they reconcile and overcome other challenges in their relationship.

Deva Nagarjuna and Das Nani. Pappu bumps with a young woman one day and both of them help each other to get up. Pappu starts to live as a young man physically but he is childlike psychologically. Vennela Kishore breathes a little life into this artificial drama.

The performances are consistently good, no matter what the length of the performance, but some faces and actors stand out. Amith, Kaushal, and Tanish competed for the task. Rashmika Mandanna plays Pooja, and she has been deprived of speaking lines. There are fewer controversies this week when compared to the Last week.

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User reviews for the latest Telugu romance movie Ninnu Choosaka released in on BookMyShow. You don't watch a "boy meets girl" because you're looking for an intellectually challenging plot.

It's been done over and over. What makes it work is actors portraying likable people, and who have the talent and chemistry.

Arjun Reddy movie review: A landmark film

View news stories that mention UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Boy Meets Girl Tholiprema Katha (Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Kanika Tiwari) is a Telugu movie.

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Boy meets girl telugu movie rating
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