An electronic fog

A New Explanation for an Enduring Enigma Is there an explanation for the thousands of people who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? He was captured by what he calls Electronic Fog. Such electronic fog seems to appear from nowhere and completely engulfs a ship or an aircraft.

It was then that I realized that time itself was the key. I had to use my imagination to feel our way west. His story goes something like this: If that happens then it can be understood that with fast moving cloud layers full of electrical charges An electronic fog create strong magnetic fields in the tunnel that can affect the navigational systems of the plane.

Real An electronic fog Here is a real incidence of electronic fog as experienced by a veteran pilot and now an author - Bruce Gernon see his personal comments below. All I could see was brilliant blue sky as my pupils adjusted to the abrupt increase in brightness.

Long horizontal lines appeared in the fog on either side of us. We also saw that the tunnel was rapidly shrinking. We could not yet have reached Miami Beach— we should have been approaching the Bimini Islands.

Gernon is the only person to have witnessed its birth stage through the mature stage, to enter the heart of the Timestorm, escaping through a Tunnel Vortex and resulting in a time warp of 30 minutes forward in time, and miles forward in space.

Is it Roll Cloud? It was inJohn Hutchison had shown that if electromagnetic fields of different wave lengths interplay with each other, at some point there may be strange things happening like - water swirling in a cup, objects like wood or metal start rising from the floor and float around, or some objects can even shoot off at fantastic speed.

Check out more music from Paul Adcock. I contacted Miami and told them we were about 45 miles southeast of Bimini, heading east at 10, feet. Almost all of them were crude machines generating different wavelengths of electromagnetic fields and working on normal power supply.

Visibility seemed like more than two miles, yet we could not see the ocean, the horizon, or the sky. The electronic fog of the Bermuda Triangle zone had done more than scare the members of the flight, and cause their navigational devices to malfunction.

Gernon believes that a rare natural phenomenon may be behind many of the seemingly paranormal happenings in the Triangle, causing time distortions, pilot disorientation, and equipment malfunctions.

When I looked back at the cloud, I was astonished.Jun 05,  · "Air" By R. A. S. Hemat says "Electronic fog (electrosmog) is suspected of provoking or promoting cancer or other illnesses.

Low frequency electro-magnetic fields (emfs) have a harmful have a harmful impact on Status: Resolved.

The Electronic Fog: A Strange Trip Through Time, Space, and Tailwinds

There are dozens of planes and boats that have been in this fog through out history. And there are dozens more that have crashed because it can induce spatial disorientation. Many have disappeared and some have even disintegrated. All of the people that have been in this fog thought they were traveling THROUGH the fog.

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The electronic fog that is described by Bruce Gernon is considered to be a meteorological based phenomenon.

The Electronic Fog of the Bermuda Triangle

It is believed that it is the leading cause for the many disappearances of aircraft, water vessels, and individuals throughout history. The Bermuda Triangle Fog Pilot Bruce Gernon’s December 4, flight from Andros Island Bahamas to South Florida through the Bermuda Triangle Electronic Fog.

Pilots in electronic fog often go through a series of turns, then became spatially disoriented, and enter what is known as a graveyard spiral, that always ends in death.

The Malaysian pilots may have been able to maintain their autopilot, but the heading would have to be controlled by their input.

An electronic fog
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