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A "Select Drive" option, which allowed the Eagle to run in two-wheel-drive RWD mode and be switched to four-wheel-drive via a dashboard switch, was offered as a fuel economy measure at midyear. There are many active AMC car clubs and specialized vendors for service and reproduction parts.

All were measures to save production costs by pruning the slow-selling models from the line, thereby streamlining their processes by reducing production variations, and therefore, complexity.

Prior model-year Eagles required two hands to operate the shifting switch, making it difficult, if not impossible, to change while the car was in motion. A five-speed manual transmission joined the options list.

While surviving Eagles are no longer depreciating, they do not seem to be appreciating rapidly — except for the Sundancer convertible. The VIN was no different under the new corporate owner, other than the digit for the year.

The front portion of the roof was a removable lightweight fiberglass hatch, while the rear section of polyvinyl material and the back window folded down and had a boot cover when in the down position.

We love that slop". All received as standard equipment the "Select Drive" system that could be changed between all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive for a potential increase in fuel economy.

The following remained optional equipment for the production: Although the paperwork that came with the Eagles continued to indicate that American Motors Canada, Ltd. Eagle sales would drop beneath the 10, annual unit mark for the first time for and would slide further for its remaining two seasons on the marketas the car was aging due to its seven-season life atop a platform that debuted for The automatic transmission no longer had a lockup torque converter.

No major changes were seen on the Eagle, as American Motors turned its attention to the debut of the imported Renault Medallion. Only about seven are thought to have been manufactured; two are accounted for in one of the AMC Eagle clubs.

The optional automatic transmission received wider gear ratios for better fuel economy. Bumpers were updated so that their end caps flowed smoothly into the Kraton plastic wheelarches and rocker panel trim. The Series 30 Eagle sedan lost its Limited trim line, leaving only the base model in the Eagle sedan line.

Radios with digital tuning were also introduced. They lost two minutes, two places and a win in the class. A Chrysler-designed vehicle, the Eagle Visionwas added in Select Drive required the vehicle to be stationary when switching between two-wheel and four-wheel-drive. After the AMC-based 4-wheel-drive Eagle wagon was dropped, Chrysler and Eagle officials were busy figuring out which type of vehicles would be best for the new division.

The four was only available with the manual transmission in the Eagle sedans and wagons. The AMC I6 became standard. Henderson was blocked and had to help clear the car from the road before he could continue.

Due to poor marketing, sales never met expectations. A new key-fob-activated infrared remote keyless system with power locks was newly available as an option. This left only the base Series 30 Eagle sedan and wagon, and a Limited wagon.

The Eagle name moved to the grille header bar. The buyout of the company by Chrysler Corporation took effect officially on August 5, The rally ended, however, before Henderson could pull it off" just 24 seconds behind first place. They got stuck in the middle of a water-filled wash on stage four and had to be pushed and pulled out.

However, Eagle sales began to drop as AMC was no longer aggressively promoting the models. On stage 10 the car rolled, ending wheels up on the stage" at the Olympus rally in Tumwater, Washington.

Light and Brandt won the Production Class and finished seventh overall, followed by drivers Gene Henderson and Jim Kloosterman placing fourth in Production and eleventh overall, but Steve Dorr and Bob Lyle did not complete the race. The Series 50 Eagle Kammback and Series 30 Eagle 2-door sedans were both dropped from the line, due to slow sales.

The standard powertrain was now the previously optional five-speed manual, with the wide-ratio three-speed automatic still available as a popular option. Even with the choice of two wheelbase versions and five body styles, the most popular model was the wagon with 20, built out of total Eagle production of 37, for the model year.The AMC Eagle is a compact-sized four-wheel drive passenger vehicle that was produced by American Motors Corporation (AMC) from to Introduced in August for the model year, the coupe, sedan, and station wagon body styles were based on the AMC Concord.

The AMC Eagles were the only four-wheel-drive passenger cars. Buy Random Year American Silver Eagles Online at the Lowest Price Guaranteed. Dates Our Choice The American Silver Eagle has a face value of one dollar and contains one troy ounce of pure silver. In the United States Mint began striking the American Silver Eagle coin's obverse design was created by Adolph A.

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American eagle sale dates
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