A multi industry company would find the portfolio approach to strategic analysis and choice useful

These decisions include whether to keep a particular business unit, sell it or to invest more in it. Although these conditions are hardly present today any more, the traditional strategy process still has its merits. Part two of our articles series discusses these problems in detail.

Problems with this approach Despite these benefits, the original design of this process did not take into consideration todays dynamic and unpredictable business environment.

Therefore, the company must always follow the actions of its competitors as new opportunities and threats may open at any time.

How to Apply BCG Matrix to Your Company

On the other hand, primary activities are usually the source of cost advantage, where costs can be easily identified for each activity and properly managed.

Is it in sync with the vision and mission? Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group in These may or may not be symptoms of strategic issues. If it competes through cost advantage, it will try to perform internal activities at lower costs than competitors would do.

Basic Overview of Various Strategic Planning Models

This situation requires managers to develop new ways of thinking and acting. It needs to be thorough. Assign planners to research the external environment and, as a result, to suggest a list of opportunities and of threats facing the organization.

Add more product features; Focus on customer service and responsiveness; Increase customization; Offer complementary products.

This means that they are able to generate revenues in greater amounts than the investment required to maintain their business. While this model can be highly energizing, it might produce a Plan that is far too unrealistic especially for an organization that already struggles to find time for planning and, as a result, can be less likely to make a strategic impact on the organization and those it serves.

This matrix assumes that a higher growth rate is an indicator of accompanying demands for investment. Often, swot is presented in a form of a matrix as in the illustration below: This is often called PEST analysis.

Then mark each item in the appropriate place on the product purchasing classification matrix shown in Figure 1. According to the Boston Consulting Group, a diversified company with a balanced portfolio is in the ideal position to use its strengths to capitalize on its growth opportunities and potential.

Alpha will pursue the strategic marketing objectives through its product strategy, branding strategy, and advertising strategy, for instance. It lists the current capabilities, and shortcomings of the organization. Often niche markets become profitable due to technological changes.

The top three management levels should now appraise the Opportunities and Threats. A global multinational in the food and beverage industry, the Swiss company is the 69th highest revenue producer in the world.

Most external changes can represent both opportunities and threats.

Strategy making in the past and today – Part 1: The traditional strategy process

The company will attempt to milk these as much as possible with as little investment as possible. With the Strengths and Weaknesses analysis, the executives are familiar with the territory. However, such a seemingly stable situation may vanish virtually overnight.

Their focus shifts to internal analysis and the near-term future.Learn Strategic Planning Without Incurring Travel Costs! The Series Facilitating Strategic Planning from the Consultants Development Institute provides virtual courses and numerous downloadable tools to learn to facilitate strategic planning.

Concurrently you customize your own relevant and. When would multi-industry companies find the portfolio approach to strategic analysis and choice useful? For companies that compete in multiple industries, resource allocation is a major concern. They are constantly faced with the question of allocating limited resources to various businesses in their portfolio.5/5(3).

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SWOT Analysis - Do It Properly!

mayohs Chapter 9 Multibusiness Strategy. STUDY. PLAY. Portfolio Approach. Historical starting point for strategic analysis and choice in multibusiness firms. These may or may not be symptoms of strategic issues. SWOT Analysis 1 - Strengths and Weaknesses.

The first half of the SWOT analysis is the Strengths and Weaknesses analysis. This is a look inside at the current activities, capabilities, and shortcomings of the organization. this Industry Analysis may address the stage of the Industry Life.

Portfolio matrix models can be useful in reexamining a company's present portfolio.

BCG Matrix

The purpose of all portfolio matrix models is to help a company understand and consider changes in its portfolio of businesses, and also to think about allocation of resources among the different business elements. The Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model was created by Peter Kraljic and it first appeared in the Harvard Business Review in Despite its age, it's a popular and useful model used in companies worldwide.

A multi industry company would find the portfolio approach to strategic analysis and choice useful
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